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I received the mail below .
It could be useful for english reading people interested in genealogy.

My feedback / advices  :

  • Find a mentor or coach, in your family if possible.
  • Share what you find / have / think , even if you are not sure
    ( use )
  • Avoid commercial sites making profit with our data.


Hi .

My name is Julia and I run a local after-school club. The kids while working hard on their family tree, they discovered your web site’s « genealogy resources » page, which they loved and shared with family, relatives and close friends.

The kids thought it would be a great idea to share with you a very valuable publication the found, « Six Steps To Your Family History« ,, which contains over 1000 thematically organized genealogy resources to guide the reader step by step through family history and genealogy research.

They figured it’d be a great resource to add along with the other publications on your resources page. Would you mind adding it? They’d feel so accomplished knowing it would benefit your web visitors. Also please send us your feedback on our recommendation. The kids would love to hear back from you!!

Best Wishes

Julia Cai
Elementary School Teacher

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–  George Washington Carver –